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Zips football: About that Dalton Williams snub

By George Thomas Published: September 17, 2012

I understand why the MAC chose Ohio’s Tyler Tettleton as the East Division’s Offensive Player of the Week over the Zips Dalton Williams.

You lead your team to a come-from-behind win to maintain you r undefeated status then you’ve earned some consideration, especially when you add three scores to it.

Now allow me my best Stephen A. Smith:   HOWEVAH!

Williams had one of those games that just deserve more thought.

Consider the numbers:  37-of-48 for 446 yards and three scores. That was for three quarters until a hit to the torso sent him to the bench. The completion percentage proved to be an astounding 77 percent and the score spoke for itself. His efforts gave the Zips their first victory of the year.

You could argue whether his effort was a product of the system or his skill, but the reality is it’s equal parts both.  The spread by its very conception is a passing offense made for amassing significant stats, but it’s only going to be as effective as the QB running it.

Williams sat behind a signal caller at Stephen F. Austin named Jeremy Moses who ran that particular offense to perfection.  Moses ran it so well he won the Walter Payton Award in 2010.  But it’s clear that while playing understudy the learner may have mastered more than a few things.  They came to the forefront this past Saturday.

Some will argue that those numbers came against a lesser opponent in Div. I-AA Morgan State.  Touche. 

However, Williams has been consistent in his efforts thus far this year.  The stats from his first two games would be even better were his young receivers able to hang on to the ball consistently, a problem they rectified this past weekend.

So what’s up with this one?

In all fairness, Williams received player of the week for his efforts against Florida International.   Personally, not having been covering the MAC long enough to make such a judgment, I am loathe to believe that this is a case of spreading the wealth.

If anything, it could be a case of the East Division’s current darling receiving recognition for its program and the coach that’s turned the program around.   There’s little doubt that Ohio is worthy of that considering that.

As for the Zips?  Being laughingstocks for two consecutive seasons doesn’t earn you a lot of respect in most quarters and that extends to individual players. Williams got shafted – this time.

However, the reality is that if he keeps performing at his current level, the rest – including wins – should take care of itself.  


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