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A Rendezvous with Michael Lombardi

UPublish story by Sarah Peter

Michael Lombardi is the author of Profit Confidential; an e-letter which is a sumptuous platter of news carrying the observations, outlook and analysis of experienced financial analysts and economists.

He was only seventeen when he bought his first stock of $2000. The money that he had invested was that he had saved from his summer jobs earnings. With not much knowledge in this field, he had the misfortune of seeing his money reduced to half. Resolving that he would never lose money on a stock again, he did thorough research in this field and employed all available resources. Using the knowledge that he had gathered through all his learning, he launched his first newsletter on the stock market. To his credit today, he has authored and published more than one thousand articles on investment and money management. Some of the stocks that he recommended through his newsletters have posted gains over 500%.

Michael Lombardi actively invests in real estate. This investment has also extended to the sectors of art, precious metals and other businesses as well. “When one is successful in stock picking, it builds up and accumulates wealth in one’s portfolio.” This is the basis of Michael Lombardi’s accomplishments. Over the past decade, he has been acclaimed as a sensation; having foretold five major economic events that all came true. He has also issued a warning titled “Critical Warning Number 6”, which is an eye-opener on the state of the fragile U.S. economy and the repercussions of various grim issues that will assail the country.

Real estate news, the behavior of the stock market, the rates of interest, etc. are all carefully analyzed today by Michael Lombardi and his Profit Confidential team and put forth to the reader so that he can glean what it will all mean for him and for his well-being tomorrow and the future.

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