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Akron Professor is Using Local Technology to Reduce Unnecessary Congestive Heart Failure Readmissions, Nationally

UPublish story by Brian Barberic

Shengyong Wang, Ph.D. at The University of Akron, has found a way to predict when Congestive Heart Failure patients will be readmitted, unnecessarily, to a hospital. He and his research team have created an algorithm with over 50 parameters that is a true warning system for patients and their physicians.

“Did you know that individuals who receive hemodialysis have three times the chance of being readmitted within 30 days than those without? Or that individuals who do not have a pharmacy are 1.4 times more likely to be readmitted than those who do?” Dr. Wang said. “It’s not simply about looking at a few parameters, but looking at a multitude of parameters and how they interact to predict an outcome.”

As an ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Dr. Wang, along with his team, has worked on over 150 applied hospital process improvement projects, and his research helped build the first hospital in the nation that was completely designed and constructed based on lean principles.

Recently, Dr. Wang partnered with a local Akron company, ACOMS+, that specializes in implementing process improvement software platforms in the healthcare field.

“We have integrated Dr. Wang’s predictive model into our hospital software management system,” said Brian Barberic, VP of Marketing at ACOMS+. “It’s a way to take an incredible amount of patient data and translate that into useful, actionable information. This allows the doctors to make proactive decisions, and avoid needless readmissions. Under Obama-care, these readmissions can penalize health systems financially.”

ACOMS+, based in Akron, OH, develops management systems for health systems, with a specific focus on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). “ACOs are comprised of hospitals, physicians and specialists, all working together for optimal patient care,” Barberic continued. “It’s a fantastic patient care model, but many times, different health systems have different software applications for patient information. Our platform integrates all of the applications into one user interface. Now that we have incorporated Dr. Wang’s predictive model, ACOs and hospitals around the country will benefit.”

About ACOMS+

ACOMS+ combines expertise in process and system engineering with cutting-edge information technology. Their real-time, cross-platform operations execution system proactively identifies high-risk patients, customizes intervention strategies, and manages and tracks the execution of interventions for patients.

Please visit ACOMS+ on the web at or email Brian Barberic, VP of Marketing, at for more information.

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