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Cookies and the Crumbs

UPublish story by Lou Spilker

Support the Girls in Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio (GSNEO). Skip the cookies and donate directly to the Girls and their Scout Troops.

As you ponder buying Girls Scout cookies from those cute “entrepreneurs” in uniform, consider these facts. In 2011 the GIRLS were charged slightly over $1 million (the cost of the “Product Sales Program”) for the privilege of selling cookies which raised $8.2 million for the council. Of that, about $6.3 million went to personnel and management services. The Girls received $462,550 in incentives.

In addition to the $1.0 million “sales program”, the girls paid $796,331 to council retail shops for such things as badges earned and $615,118 for program and camp fees.

Troops are required to participate or they cannot engage in other fundraising activities. If you can afford “pay to play” and have no need to raise money - it is voluntary. Otherwise it is not. Here is the GSNEO response to the Don’t Buy – Donate Boycott. “Finally, we want to be sure that everyone understands the official Girl Scout policies regarding troop/group fundraising. Girl membership may not engage in any direct solicitation for money. a cookie booth you may not sell additional items such as baked goods or craft items. The cookie booth dates are considered Money Earning Blackout dates meaning no other money earning activity may take place during that time..”

Here is what the Girl Scouts have learned. The board has refused to honor a majority vote of the duly elected membership representatives. The board has claimed the right to allow only members approved by the board to run for open board positions thus maintaining their fraternity. The board has both stated and demonstrated there is no obligation to abide by the duly elected general assembly, the members or donors.

Please donate directly to the Girls/Troops. Let THEM decide.

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