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CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge 2015 KICK OFF

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The Northeast Ohio Professional Chapter Association of Computing and Machining are working with the Youngstown and Akron IEEE Chapters to sponsor the CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge for 2015. The main goal of this Challenge is to make contributions to the development of next generation multi-robotics systems. Our desire is to advance the capability and usability of such systems, and artifacts by developing innovative approaches in:

Social knowledge,


Knowledge representation,



The Challenge will be a biennial event to build a consortium of innovators from the Northeast Ohio technical community. This consortium will develop autonomous teams of robots that support computing sustainability, and safe cooperative interaction with people in the domain of earth science applications.

This year, CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge 2015 is to build and program teams of 3 to 5 robots that will address the need to make assessments and analysis in environments that are either hazardous or not accommodating to human presence. Under these conditions, small teams of tightly integrated forensics (smart) robots are being considered as part of an overall solution.

We will compare two approaches: Evolutionary and Agent-Oriented. With the results of this Challenge, a proposal will be submitted to the National Robotics Initiative (NRI) in 2015.

To jump start the Challenge, a KICK OFF event will be held on September 6, 2014 at the University of Akron's Student Union at 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM. This event is an “enthusiasm-generator” for the teams and supporters of the CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge 2015. It will introduce the structure, milestones, expectations of the Challenge, and our sponsors. The KICK OFF event will feature a very special guest speaker, Dr. Sven Koenig, a professor of computer science at the University of Southern California (USC). He is currently on the editorial board of AI Magazine, Co-founder of Robotics: Science and Systems Foundation and was a Program Director for the NSF from 2010-2012. He will discuss his current research on techniques for decision making (planning and learning) that enable single and teams of robots to act intelligently in their environments and exhibit goal-directed behavior in real-time.

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