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UPublish story by Kathryn Stanley

Marjorie Bostick and Michael Bostick reunited after 50 years on her 95th Birthday!

April came around and plans were being made for one of the most exhilarating time for the Bostick family. The beautiful Coventry Oaks Pavilion in Firestone Park (Ohio) was chosen. The scenery was warm, serene, and beautiful, the perfect location for a gathering. Unbeknownst to Marjorie Bostick a long awaited reunion was in the horizon for her 95th birthday and the family was excited.

The family was missing someone dear to them. A young member, at the time was 1 ½ years old, was relocated and no one could find him. Many family members (including his father) for years searched through many organizations, libraries, networking, and the internet for him. One family member (Lesa Bailes) the Aunt to this young man found him on the website The excitement started. The exchange of numbers, pictures, and information was at hand.

Michael Bostick, age 52 now, was surprised that individuals he did not know were looking for him and they just happened to be family. Through his past Michael was enlightened that his father did not want him, along with his family. Michael was elated to find out that what he was told was not the truth. The decision came quickly that he wanted to meet his family. Although they could not make up for lost time, they could start new memories. Marjorie Bostick, Michael’s grandmother, was having her 95th birthday and he wanted to be by her side. With that decision plans of Michael coming home started. Michael left California and traveled to Virginia and contacted family through Facebook that he was there and informed them he would be in Ohio May 4th. Michael was so close but yet still so far away for the family. The yearning of welcoming a love one home was strong. May 5th was just around the corner and the big day was going to be the turning point to a new horizon.

May 5th the decorating started at noon and the gathering was to begin at 3 p.m. Family members came in from Akron, California, Cincinnati (Ohio), Ellet (Ohio), Springfield Township (Ohio), Virginia, and Tennessee. The aroma of excitement, joy, and love was in the air. The bouquet of the buffet was desirable and mouthwatering. The announcement of Marjorie’s Birthday was addressed over the microphone and she was escorted in the room with her grandson Michael in arm. The room filled with excitement, the applause was music itself and the smiles shined in the room. Tears came to many eyes, not of sadness but of happiness. The family saw Michael for the first time in almost 50 years and could not be prouder of their vision. In the room was the happiest set of individuals celebrating two miracles, Marjorie turning 95 and Michael coming home. Within that room were five sets of five generations. God Bless them all and welcome home Michael you were missed and now are found and much loved.

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