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Judge Quinn to discuss statutes that determine grandparents rights

UPublish story by Susan Tucker

Grandparents can be important people in a child’s life. Grandparenting can be a lot of fun, (even if it is exhausting at times). Grandparents have the benefit of years of knowledge to share and are instrumental in keeping family history and traditions alive. Most grandparents report being less stressed than parent, because they have been through it before. They experience the joy of seeing the world as new again through grandchildren’s eyes. During times of trouble, grandparents can lend key support and can help children feel safe, secure, and loved.

In most situations, grandparents have free and easy access to their grandchildren. They can visit and keep the children whenever they wish. Most of the time, parents are just grateful for the help and support, (and the break they need to be adults)! Sometimes, however, relationships between parents and grandparents can become strained, or life situations happen that deny grandparents this important contact.

The State of Ohio has laws that in certain circumstances protect grandparent’s rights to visitation. Under Ohio law, a court can award visitation rights to grandparents during or after a domestic relations proceeding if the grandparent has an interest in the welfare of the child and visitation is in the best interest of the child. Some of those circumstances are: during or after a parent’s divorce, when a parent dies; or when the child is born to an unmarried parent. The process for obtaining grandparent visitation rights can be confusing.

Join Summit County Domestic Relations Court Judge John P. Quinn on June 18, 2013, from 1:00 - 1:30 PM, for a presenting information session about Grandparents Rights in Summit County at the Barberton Senior Center Barberton Senior Center, 500 W. Hopocan Ave., Barberton, OH 44203, (330) 848-6731

Judge Quinn will discuss the statutes that determine Grandparents Rights and the process for obtaining those rights in court. The Judge will answer questions and provide resource information for all seniors regarding services in Summit County.

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