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Large Class Action Filed in Toledo Against Mugshot Websites

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Mugshot Class Action Filed

TOLEDO, OHIO - Attorney Scott A. Ciolek of Ciolek LTD has filed a class action lawsuit for more than 259,000 Ohio residents against numerous mugshot related websites on behalf of the residents of the State of Ohio.

In recent years, a multitude of websites have sprung up that use Ohio public record requests to gain access to booking photos from the various county and state agencies that process arrested individuals. These photos are indexed and spread across the internet to gain attention for the mugshot websites. Visitors to the mugshot websites are prompted to pay exorbitant fees to have their mugshots removed from the website and from Google image search, only to have their mugshots appear on some other site a week or two later.

This practice of using the names and photos of Ohio residents for the commercial gain of the websites is a direct violation of Ohio’s Right to Publicity per ORC §2741. The status of the booking photos and names as part of the public record does not relieve Defendants of the obligation to obtain consent from the those whose persona they are exploiting for commercial gain.

The Defendants to the case wrongfully use the Plaintiffs’ personas for a commercial purpose in multiple ways, including but not limited to, the sales of the photo-removal services which is not in connection with any news, public affairs, sports broadcast, political campaign or account thereby falling outside of the exceptions under ORC §2741.02(D).

The Lucas County docket for this matter is available at

The Website for collecting information for the suit is at

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