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Local filmmaker seeks to create jobs

UPublish story by Lynn Michaels

Director, Miki Blak

As Hollywood begins to shoot another blockbuster in Northeast Ohio this summer, one local filmmaker is attempting to also create Hollywood here at home all year round.


Local filmmaker Miki Blak is seeking to create more than just the next box office smash. Jobs are also part of the plan. “I think many people have misunderstood the types of jobs the film industry has to offer”, says Blak. She states; “movies not only create jobs for actors, and crew, they also create opportunities for catering, hotels, transportation, security, accounting, and so on”.

There has been a growing influx of films coming to Northeast Ohio to be shot. These are of great benefit to the community, because these production companies are bringing in diverse revenue opportunities for the state. Each film is considered its own business with the same requirements and personnel needed to operate as any other local business. The number of contractors, vendors and employees simply varies depending on the size of the productions’ budget.

“I not only want to offer jobs, I also want to offer internships to those who want to learn more about the film Industry” Blak mentions.


Being one of few women directors in the film industry doesn’t phase Blak either, she understands there may be a tough road ahead for her. “I like to keep a positive attitude, I don’t focus on my gender when it comes to making movies, I just focus on telling the story, that’s it, that’s all”, says Blak. We are beginning to see more women film directors gaining ground with the likes of Kathryn Bigelow, who became the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director for her film “The Hurt Locker”. Ava Duvernay is the first African-American woman to win the Best Director Award at the Sundance film festival for her film “Middle of Nowhere.” And the most recent addition to the list is Tina Chism, the first-time director of the upcoming film “The Peeples”.

Blak is currently attempting to raise funds for her production company, NBlak Productions, LLC, using a crowd funding platform to purchase the needed video and editing equipment to get her business off the ground. Crowd funding has been a fast growing resource for filmmakers, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The platform is offered through a number of websites including; Indie Go Go, Kickstarter and Gofundme. These sites offer a community of sorts, where interested parties can browse various causes and then choose to donate. It also gives the fundraiser a way to spread the word and offer unique rewards and incentives to their donators. “We are offering people a chance to see a movie while it’s being shot, movie tickets, DVD’s and more for donating to our cause,” says Blak. “It gives people a chance to experience a piece of “Hollywood” in their own back yards”.

Blak launched her Production Company this past January in the hopes of helping to create jobs for local talent and vendors. Blak has several years experience in local TV news as a Camera Operator, Audio Technician and Promotions Writer. She earned her Bachelor degree from the University of Akron. Her short film “If Joy comes” premiered at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival in 2011. Blak is currently working on her first eBook and several other film productions are in development.

To learn more about her company visit

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