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Maxheat Releases New Song Dedicated to Victims of the Economy Blues

UPublish story by MIKE MOSLEY


Millennium Music Mission Records strikes the music scene again with the debut and free download of their I Need a Job song performed by DJ Maxheat Mosley. Curious fans will be allowed to download the MP3 starting November 5th lasting until the end of the election. This is not the first economy fashioned song that M3 Records has created. Fans will also be granted the option to download or sample the songs Child Support Blues and Pink Slip. “There are so many victims of our insufficient national and global economy that need their story shared and Nujam thought that this new job track would refresh those tired of political jargon, mud slinging and issue avoidance,” stated Maxheat. The song will premiere at and

For those unaware, Mike Maxheat Mosley a.k.a. MaD MaXxx from Akron Ohio was injured in a single car accident in the summer of 1996 leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, a condition called Quadriplegia. On July 21st 1996, Mike's vehicle ('89 Two Door All Black Cadillac Coupe de Ville) flipped 3 times traveling North West on Copley Road approaching the street called Schocalog, specifically at the Copley Rd / Schocalog intersection. The car was destroyed but no other vehicles were involved. The random accident caused Maxheat to fracture his 4th and 5th cervical (C4-C5) vertebrae. Drugs and Alcohol were NOT a factor in the accident. Police investigators stated that the determining factor was a lack of good judgment in relation to speed and direction.

Michael is now the Director of Operations, Audio/Video Engineer, Webmaster, PR Specialist, Radio DJ Host, Remix Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Program Director, Journalist, Graphic Designer, Recording Engineer, Digital Music Editor, Music Arranger, Multi-Instrument Musician Producer, Underground Music Ambassador and the lead performer for M3 Records (Ohio) with a B.A. in Media Production and a minor in Pre Law. MaD MaXxx (Mr Clean) is also the co-founder of M3 Records and the internationally syndicated "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" radio program featuring major and indie artists, poetic expression, celebrity news, tips, Positive moral chat and brief comedic relief. Michael is also the origin of and the challenge. "I can, I will, done deal," stated Maxheat.

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