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Newest Technology to see inside your Eye, now in Medina

UPublish story by Cyntha Hankin
Having an exam with the Optos is easy and painless

Do you hate having to have your eyes dialated for your yearly exam?

Well, you don't have to do that anymore!

Not only does Medina Vision and Laser Centre at 4463 Weymouth Road have a Retinal Camera that eleminates the need for dialation, the company has invested in the newest technology available and has one of only 4 OPTOS Daytona machines in the state of Ohio!

Dr. Beilings explained: "This machine allows us to see sick or dying cells in the eye before any vision is lost."

She added : "This is exciting because something this advanced hardly ever comes along."

The following is a newscast done just last month covering this machine being installed in Louisiana. It shows you what this new OPTOS Daytona machine can do.

This machine has so many advantages on the practical side as well. Imagine, older patients not having to worry about diminished ability to see while dilation medication wears off, and thereby decreasing the chance of any falls. Not having to wait for dialation medication to wear off to be able to drive yourself home, or having to arrange a ride. Having a permanent record for comparison year to year for the doctors to document your eye health. Being able to see changes in your eye health before it effects your vision.

Medina Vision and Laser Centre is very excited to present the newest available technology, painless and powerful, to protect your eye health.

For an appointment, you can call us at 330-722-2150

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