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Ohio Water Project Unites Companies

UPublish story by Terry Tamburini



The Good River Distribution partners recently conducted their first annual meeting at the Eramet Marietta headquarters above SR-7.

In effect, it was a homecoming of sorts for it was in the same conference room as a year previous that the four private partners, Americas Styrenics, Energizer, Eramet, Solvay and the public partner, Southeastern Ohio Port Authority agreed to what ultimately became a $13.5 million project to transfer production and protection water from the Ohio River to the manufacturers on the hill.

The urgency for the project became apparent when the companies, collectively responsible for almost 700 workers with many more depending on the industrial complex, discovered that they could be without a water source when American Municipal Power was forced to shut down its Gorsuch Power Plant. AMP has also been the water source for the Riverview manufacturers. Through a complex, but fruitful relationship, the Port Authority was able to secure access to State funding assistance for a massive water intake situated on the bank of the River where water is pulled from the Ohio and pumped across Route 7 and up to the plants in proportion to their individual needs

At the annual meeting, the participants celebrated the multi-year effort with planning initiated in 2010, executed agreements and construction in 2012 and evaluation in 2013.

During the meeting the assembly remarked on the improved efficiency and effectiveness of the new system and discussed the improved lines of communication and cooperation which have evolved due to the shared response to a common problem and opportunity.

All could look back on the three year process, determined by many, to be one of the most challenging ever, successfully completed in Ohio, and congratulated each other and the State for a satisfying effort.


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