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Real People, Real Stories - New Hartville Creative Agency Focused on Truth in Cinmea

UPublish story by Mike Thorn

Bringing a touch of contemporary technology to the charm of Hartville’s historic downtown district, brand agency Metaphor Creative says that’s it’s time to get back to the basics of storytelling: people. “Today’s viewers want to be entertained, but they also want to be drawn into a story,” says Mike Thorn,

founder and young veteran of the film and commercial industry.

It would be difficult to overestimate the influence of television and movies on every generation of adolescent children since the 1950’s. Programs like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers shaped our

perception of the world’s ways long before we ever realized we were captive to its spell. We have grown up inundated by commercial advertising, expertly crafted marketing from the world’s largest

corporations, employing the best storytellers to write impactful 30-second tales of woe and desire intended to induce a manic need for retail therapy.

“When you deconstruct the best advertisements down to basic elements, what you find is that they tell a compelling story. There’s a hero, and an antagonist; conflict, and resolution. We love these because we can relate to them. That’s why advertising can be so effective,” says Thorn. “Our focus is on

finding the real story, and the human element, in every video we create,” he continues. “Relating to each other on an emotional level is critical to forming good relationships - that’s the best way to find

and keep great customers.”

Inspired by down-to-earth cinema storytelling from filmmakers like Pablo Korona and his “Our City, Our Story” project in Rockford Illinois, Thorn determined that “creating a need,” as most advertising is designed to do, felt false. “I want people to talk about who they are, and why they do what they do.

That’s far more compelling than giving a 30-second pitch about a widget. Many brands have picked up on this trend - Chrysler, The San Francisco Symphony, and Leinenkugel’s, for example.”

To pursue those stories, Thorn left his position at a North Canton corporate video production company and opened Metaphor Creative. “Hartville and the surrounding area is full of little shops that all have a very personal story to tell. We want to help them get the word out that they are more than just four walls and widgets: they have character, and they have soul.”

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