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Shining Light on the Semi Pro Football League

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Shining light on the Semi Pro League


What: Shining light on the Semi Pro League

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The football season is here and all of the players are ready for the big lights, but there is a league that has stood in the shadows for nearly five years. The State of Ohio is known for football and producing some of the greatest athletes of all time, yet the sport of football has carried on because of the fans, owners, coaches, and players. The Semi Pro Football League also known as the SPF has been involved with local communities from all across the country. Their coaches and staff have given players their time, wisdom, and hard earned money to see them play the game so many people love. The league has had some trial and errors but they continue on even with minimal support. As many spectators watch as the NCAA and NFL continue to battle with unlimited problems with athletes and corruption cases no one has mentioned a league specifically designed to develop players. Baseball leagues have mastered the idea of developing players from youth to the big leagues and other sports as well. In recent year’s football enthusiast have watched as multiple cases have flared up with players representing the NCAA trying to unionize and protest for pay. As their efforts continue on, the semi pro league has still carried on with none of these players considering advancing with semi pro as an option instead of college. The name ‘Semi Pro’ means what it says: A league designed to develop football players for the pros. With all of the speculation and problems no top level athlete has considered the league. The semi pro football league has almost the same guidelines as the NFL in regards to endorsements and player contracts unlike the NCAA, yet all of Semi Pro participation comes from just the love of the game. The list of experience that prospects can get in the SPF is endless: coaching, playing, videotaping, cheerleading, fundraising, investing, marketing, and more. So while the sport of football continues to evolve, maybe an athlete or student of the game of football will consider going to the next level through the Semi Pro Football League first.

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