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Stop Slaughter in Seven Hills

UPublish story by Lucy McKernan

The latest Northeast Ohio city to give in to pressure from ODNR (Ohio Division of Wildlife) by turning their neighborhoods into a virtual canned hunting preserve is Seven Hills Ohio. At a time when adjacent communities are trending away from all lethal measures to "control" deer populations, certain Seven Hills council members are blatantly, blindly determined to push through legislation for bow hunting and bow hunting ONLY. Save lives simply by showing up in numbers at Tuesday night's combined Rules and Safety Committee meetings, where a representative from the Division of Wildlife -- who has already contacted one of the community's biggest animal activist and admitted that their ONLY agenda Tuesday night is to promote bow hunting in Seven Hills -- will present his government spin. His job is to convince council and residents that killing is the only solution to stop this out of control perceived problem. This is a powers in numbers emergency.

Please help us pack the room to send a strong message. Residents and non-residents welcome.

Where - 7325 Summerview Dr. Seven Hills OH 44131

When - Tuesday, 2/19/2013 at 6pm


OR, please email the following council members and let them know that the world is watching.

Copy/paste this block of addresses into your To field:,,,,,,,


Or call:

PH 216-524-4421

Fax 216-524-0523



Please forward this notice to Facebook, contacts, family, friends and co-workers and other mailing lists to ensure that we send an unequivocally clear message to the Seven Hills administration: Passage of an ordinance to allow for hunting in the neighborhoods is tantamount to allowing torturing, crippling and wanton killing for fun in back yards. Hunting does absolutely nothing to control deer populations. Hunting serves only hunters and is merely a manufactured myth used to justify hunting. It endangers families, companion animals and poses other hazards.. Bow hunting journals admit that hunters wound one animal for every one they kill. This equates to half of the animals being wounded and dying a slow, agonizing death, probably on someone else's property.


Thank you for all you do for the animals in such urgent situations.

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