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Think like a Bed Bug

UPublish story by Denise Donovan

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Denise Donovan, Founder and Director of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA), has released her latest book Think like a Bed Bug for community public awareness. Think like a Bed Bug is only 1 of 11 books Denise and her organization has put together to educate people from all walks of life, vocation and business.

Do you know what the phrase Sleep Tight; don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite really means?

Do you know why, in the last few years, more people have been plagued with bed bug bites than ever before in history?

Do you why every single person who has blood is at risk for getting bed bugs?

The answer is simple. The world is on the threshold of a global bed bug plague.

Think like a Bed Bug©, a major first step in helping develop a pro-active awareness of this problem to reach communities, is available in both English and Spanish and provides tips on ways to avoid the crises.

This was written for anyone who is now having, or is concerned about having to deal with a bed bug related problem. This includes pest control companies, airlines, hotels, motels, cruise ships, travel agents, the media, business owners, hospitals, landlords, renters, real-estate agents, schools, daycare centers, storage facilities, lawyers, etc.

The social and economic implications of a bed bugs infestation are fast becoming a serious threat to our health and economy. From the encounter of the bed bug, to the public’s compromised health and financial loss, to the social stigma, isolation, and stress, bed bugs are having a wide-ranging and devastating impact.

Denise has spent many years researching, developing educational materials, answering 4 to 500 Bed Bug Crisis Hot Line calls monthly, and building a data base of exemplary bed bug experienced pest management companies to help the public while fighting this on going problem.

Knowing the recent rapid growth of bed bugs Denise explained “Although bed bug are becoming common in metro cities, it’s only a matter of time as people travel to and from work and where all schools in surrounding areas will start to see bed bugs on a regular basis. Kids will be transporting them back and forth in their backpacks. The sad part is that the affordability of bed bug removal will significantly impact the communities if we don’t educate the public now”.

She also created and offers a fund raiser for the schools and churches that can not only educate communities about the pending problem but create a revenue stream to help the schools.

The following are some early comments reviewers have made about his book:

• It will be one of the most important books to come out this century

• It is one of the biggest eye openers on the problem I’ve ever read.

• This book gives desperately needed skills to fight this growing crisis.

• The tips on ways to avoid the problem are great.

• Pest control companies should hand out free copies of this book to their clients.

• The book should be included in all overnight travel packages.

• We plan on including this book with all our client’s sales and rental agreements.

• This book should go home with every child in school.

The following are some Key Pointers included in book

• Why bed bugs are making a comeback?

• Why bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest ever to eradicate.

• How they get into your home or business.

• Easy-to-use step by step ways to identify a bed bug infestation.

• How bed bug travels within multi-unit buildings.

• What you can do to help avoid a bed bug problem

• How to pick a trusted exterminator

For more information or to order volumes of Think like a Bed Bug, please visit or ###

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