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Conscious Entertainment honors activist Mike Maxheat Mosley with Sparkle Award

UPublish story by MIKE MOSLEY

Conscious Music Entertainment is a conscious company that promotes positive entertainment for youth. The company was founded by Milliea Taylor McKinney, a local resident in Kentucky, who was inspired to be a songwriter.

Not long after following her dream she was inducted in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in Nashville. As an act of giving back to humanity she formed the company and offered the "Sparkle Award" to inspired and encourage further acts of conscious giving.

Some of the recipients of the prestigious award include celebrities as well as everyday people who have heart to help those in need.

Recipients include the R&B Award winning Champaign Band, noted for their platinum songs such as Try Again, How About Us, and This Time.

Sheila Raye Charles, the daughter of legendary Ray Charles, whose mission is to help those whose journey is in need of a second chance in life through second chance programs. Web Talk Show Host & Author Denice Newton, whose journey has not only allowed her to serve our country but, to be an educator as well while mentoring various community services in need for our youth. Teen Radio Host Lenore Luca, from Teen Groove On The Move, an inspirational show for today's teens that helps problem solve current teen issues they are face with everyday such as homelessness, and bullying. Finally, Josie & Tina Passantino, a mom and daughter team who assist up and coming artist attain radio play while also dong out reach programs for various charities.

July's 'Sparkle Award' will be awarded to Akron Ohio's Mike Mosley, whose community service to youth through public speaking as a 'PRO' Education activist whose message to stay in school has mounted and has helped the statistics gain measure against high school dropouts.

Mike, who has his own radio format also, promotes labeling on inappropriate lyrics for youth as well serving other charitable causes.

Those wishing to be nominated or, suggested as the next 'Sparkle Award' recipient can contact Conscious Music Entertainment staff at

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