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We Remain United Forever

UPublish story by Darby Musselman

United Forever NM, DM
This association will strive to represent the Green High School Soccer teams through being likeminded in their commitment, pride, and leadership. It is in hope that this alumni live as they state in their crest, “We Remain, United Forever”, (designed by 2013 Alumni, Nate Musselman).

We Remain United Forever

by Darby Musselman

August 2, 2014


Green, Ohio--Green High School Boy’s Soccer program created the first team sport alumni association in their entire school’s athletic program history this weekend and celebrated 30 years of this team sport being in existence, 1984-2014. This year’s alumni game, held Saturday, at the Green Memorial Stadium, served as the establishing of the association, with the purpose being to connect the present, past, and future players and coaches within the program. In future years, this venue will continue to provide an annual welcome extended to new alumni, reacquaint players/coaches, serve as motivation as former players pass along inspirational words to the younger players, offer opportunities to support the GHS Boys Soccer program, and give fellow athletes potential to join forces in service to the community (through annual events like, Kick for the Cure.)


Players, coaches, and fans poured into the stadium seats, aligned the fence, and took a place on the field. Alumni were called out by name, graduation years announced ranging from 1987 through 2013 in attendance, and were directed to run through the inflatable Bulldog to show school spirit. Present players dressed uniformly in orange gathered together to support the alumni helping along the sidelines. This was one of those events where you begin to smile, and the grin does not fade away--a true sense of community surfaced this evening.


Throughout the game, announcements, raffles, memories, and inspirational thoughts were exchanged. Each alumni, having registered online, supplied words for the GHS 2014 players. Aaron Vaughn encouraged, “You picked the right sport!” Jeff Funai, a 1987 alumni, shared “Footskills win games!”, Pete Harlan agreed “ball skills are important”, and John Funai specified, “practice your Coerver soccer skills!” This advice along with several other quotes were in a poster for people, and as the game progressed, were shared from the pressbox. Kevin Genetin, Steve Harlan, Ryan Bayonett, Zach Lucas, Tyler Cindea, Judson Sprandel, Dan Harlan, charged, “ work hard.” Several others conveyed, “Enjoy the goes by quick...have fun!” (Ryan Wilson, Jared Mooney, Brandon Good, Keith Genetin, Adam Schott, Kevin Harig, Matt Parnell, Bobby Badalich, Greg Tracy, Daniel Quinn, Nicholas Reale, Clay Kingan, Matt Cefalu, Kyle Nist, Ben Barry, Dan Pollock). “Play soccer with heart, whether in training or competition; have the mindset to leave it all out on the field, remember who gave you the skills and who you are playing for, “ Nate Musselman (2013). GHS Boys Head Coach and 2004 Alumni, Jason Nelson wrapped it up with, “Listen to your coaches, AND NEVER, give anything less than all you can.” In addition to these quotes players out on the field showed their athleticism still running down the field like they had never left, Frank Devitis (1994) Keith Genetin (2014) and Kevin Bayonett (2013), just to name a few created opportunities for teammates. Other association members include: Dave Connelly(1998), Ryan Good (1998), Paul Hartong (2001), Justin Smith (2006), Michael Thrasher (2007), Matt Hartong (2008), Ryan Pinheiro (2009), Joe Aber (2010), Juan Amaya (2010), Nick Douvikas (2011), Adam Hillman (2011), Boyd Kirk (2011), Paul Ciocca (2012), Matthew Hillman (2012), John Mace (2012), Daniel Whited (2012), Joshua Dang (2013), Griffin Jenkins (2013), George Moresea (2013), Evan Pickett (2013), Tanner Vinciguerra (2013), Brian Lawson(2014).


Although there has been a positive gathering this year for the initial registration, if you are family of a GHS boys soccer player, or are a player, please take a moment to email the team administrator, to be included in the email distribution for annual events: .

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