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Woodridge Rated Excellent with Distinction

UPublish story by Walter Davis, Superintendent

The Ohio Department of Education recently released data on Ohio’s public school districts. I am pleased to report that the Woodridge Local School District has earned the state’s highest rating, Excellent with Distinction. In determining a district rating, the ODE considers a variety of factors and data derived from the Ohio Achievement Tests in grades 3-8 and the Ohio Graduation Tests in grades 10 and 11. In addition, overall attendance rates and graduation rate calculations are included. In all, there are 26 indicators utilized to judge the progress of a school or district. The charts below depict student performance on the Ohio Achievement and Graduation Tests for our district. In most cases, a score of at least 75% is required for the district to have “passed” or “earned” the indicator. At grade 11, however, passing score requirements are raised to 85%.

A thorough analysis of these indicators shows that our district earned 25 of the 26 indicators for the 2011-12 school year, barely missing the mark in 5th grade mathematics (0.2%). These results, taken alone, equate to a rating of Excellent. There is, however, one additional factor that is utilized to determine a district’s final rating. Current law requires the ODE to take an additional look at individual student results on tests to determine how students are progressing from year to year. This additional factor, known as Value Added gives schools additional credit for efforts aimed at improvement. While all schools should strive to ensure that students gain at least one year’s academic growth during the school term, the state recognizes districts who are able to give students MORE than a year’s growth. Such is the case in Woodridge this year. The value added or growth factor analysis for Woodridge shows that our students made “above expected” gains during the school year. This additional factor equates to the “With Distinction” designation. In essence, the district earned an A+!

We are very proud of the efforts of our students and salute the fine educators who provide the daily instruction in our classrooms to enable our students to achieve at such heights. We thank our parents for the support they provide as partners in the educational process. Our collective goal is to continue to provide the very best educational opportunities for our students!

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