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Youngstown Tech. Co. Helps Teachers Grade 100 Papers Per Min.

UPublish story by Kathleen Colan

Lightning Grader ( is an online assessment tool that lets teachers grade 100 tests per minute and generates 14 real-time reports to help evaluate student performance.

Lifelong Youngstown resident Elijah Stambaugh was a frustrated middle school math teacher when he came up with the idea for Lightning Grader, a web-based, subscription application that grades 100 pages per minute while at the same time generates 14 robust reports about student performance. He founded the company in 2010 in hopes of helping teachers find more efficient, technology-based ways to understand and address student comprehension.

During his school’s summer break in 2010, with the mentoring of the Youngstown Business Incubator, Stambaugh developed Lightning Grader to help teachers become better educators. With the official launch of Lightning Grader in 2012, hundreds of teachers and school districts across the country are realizing the benefits of using technology to achieve higher student performance.

Locally, Lake Catholic High School in Lake County, Green Local Schools in Summit, Lorain County Educational Service Center and Canfield Middle School in Mahoning are using the technology.

Stambaugh is a 2009 graduate of Youngstown State University where he earned a bachelor of arts in education. He also holds a bachelor of arts in theology from Fundamental Theological Baptist Seminary.

Stambaugh taught for two years at National Heritage Academy in Youngstown before leaving the field to concentrate on developing web-based technology to help teachers increase student performance. While completing his post-secondary education, Stambaugh was a union autoworker at the Lordstown, Ohio General Motors plant for seven years.

Here’s some more information about Lightning Grader:

Top 10 Things Teachers Can Do With Lightning Grader

1. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Grade up to 100 papers per minute with Lightning Grader.

2. Use your existing equipment. Lightning Grader lets you use your computer (with an Internet connection) and a scanner/copier machine so there’s never a need to buy any additional equipment, ever.

3. Create ANY type of test. Choose from true/false, short answer, multiple choice and even essay questions. It’s simple to mock any curriculum resource. You create your assessments online and print them out on paper.

4. Grade papers in real time. As quickly as your students complete their assignments, you simply scan their completed tests with a copier/scanner to generate grades and online performance reports.

5. Fly through essay questions. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Essay answers are collected into online displays that enable you to speedily grade essay questions alongside short answer, true/false and multiple choice.

6. Align questions with state standards and the Common Core. Lightning Grader’s online library offers a searchable database of Common Core assessments as well as state-by-state assessment resources.

7. Quickly include formative assessments in your lesson plans. Immediately understand student comprehension with Lightning Grader’s 14 auto-generated reports.

8. Collaborate with colleagues on common assessments. With Lightning Grader you can easily compare class results and share best practices for instruction.

9. Improve communication with parents. Lightning Grader’s auto-generated reports make it crystal clear for parents to understand their child’s achievement levels.

10. Be a better teacher when you understand how to use Lightning Grader’s 14 auto-generated reports about student performance. By understanding real-time data about learning acquisition you quickly analyze student achievement and customize lessons to challenge or remediate.

Pricing for teachers at $10 per month or $96 per year is a small price to pay to get your nights and weekends back. (We also offer pricing packages for administrators and school districts at $2 per student).

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