I love taking trips, but I also love the anticipation, the daily fun of planning it and counting down to the big day. Since this summer is ultimately about training for the marquee Akron Marathon races in September, I thought it might stoke a little excitement to read what others have said about the event.

Last year, a TripAdvisor site in Great Britain called HolidayLettings drew up a list of 50 road races in the U.S. that their U.K. runners should attempt to do. They picked one event in each state. Guess what took the crown in Ohio? Yup, the Akron Marathon. Read all their choices here: https://blog.holidaylettings.co.uk/50-us-road-races-to-attempt-in-your-lifetime

That story doesn't go into detail about why certain races were selected, but to get an idea of the kind of reputation Akron has acquired, you can read the comments left at Marathonguide.com. Here's one from a Los Angeles runner who made the trip in 2014:

"This was my 13th marathon... I've run fulls, halfs and other distances all over the US, including Boston, Chicago, LA, and DC, and the Akron Marathon provided the best overall race day I've had. I'll be back."

More than 300 other comments here: http://www.marathonguide.com/races/racedetails.cfm?MIDD=1920031011

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you Saturday for our Blue Line Beginners meetup in Stow as we move one day closer to the finish line!
- Paula