This Saturday at 8 a.m., we will host our next guest speaker. Cortney Myer, a sports physical therapist and orthopedics and sports rehabilitation supervisor at Akron Children's Hospital , will talk to us about nutrition and hydration as it specifically relates to folks who are training for footraces. Remember those questions you had about what to eat before a race? Pull those out and dust 'em off. We'll have her start promptly at 8 so we can hit the Barberton Towpath Trail right after.

Speaking of Children's Hospital, as the sponsor of the race series the hospital is featuring patients and their families at every race. One of the "ACHEROs" at InfoCision Stadium was the son of Meredith Davis, who joined the BLB during our Copley outings so she could get in shape for the 1 mile walk. I asked her to share a few words about her family's special day.

"The National Interstate 8k & 1 Mile held a special place in my heart. You see, my son Keegan Lind was the featured ACHERO for this event.

Keegan was admitted to Akron Childrenís Hospital for two weeks when he was 10 years old. He was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a rare, serious disorder that attacks the mucous membranes. Akron Childrenís was amazing and we are very fortunate to have this facility in our backyard.

When I heard that Keegan would be an ACHERO I decided to join the Akron Marathon Race Series. If I were ever going to do this, now would be the time to do so. I walked in the 1 mile with family.† In the past, you would have had to be chasing me with a sharp object for me to run! My family, friends and I will also be running the relay in September as Team Big Red for Keegan.

I was actually surprised by the emotion I felt when I went to packet pickup the day before the race. The emotion came back as I read his story, watched him being interviewed, and then the excitement of watching him start the race with the air-horn.† As a parent, their age doesn't matter. They will always be your baby. He will always be that little guy in the pictures from his time in the hospital.

I will run for my health and for the health and blessings on my (not so little anymore) son, Keegan. Keegan, you bring me so much joy every day and I am so blessed to have such an amazing son!

Love you - Mom"

You can read more about Keeganís journey here: