M.A. Ferguson-RIch
Ohio.com correspondent

The Board of Education unanimously passed several resolutions at its meeting on Tuesday.


Sungard Public Sector, Inc. will provide a new and comprehensive student and operational information system to the district, planned to be in place prior to the start of the 2013-14 school year.


Board Member James Field said that the agreement with Sungard will provide an efficient and effective system that the district needs for the increased reporting requirements to the state.


David Zuro, the board president, said that the system has not been updated since 2000.


Year one of the contract will cost the district no more than $269,095, the second and third years will run $118,272 in each of the years.


A second resolution was also unanimously passed, allowing Business Manager Derek Cluse to select a design and building contractor for the Building Entrance Security Program.  Cluse has been authorized to make that selection without going through the competitive bidding process, since the primary purpose is to secure and protect the facility, an exception permitted under Ohio law.


New, security-enhanced entrances will be created for the main and auditorium entrances of the high school; the main and natatorium entrances at East Woods Elementary and the entrances at McDowell and Evamere.


Zuro questioned whether foregoing the competitive bidding process would be likely to cost the district more.


Cluse said that he did not think it would increase the price. He told the board that the subcontractors for the project would bid competitively. 


The resolution will "allow us to work with our architect of record," Cluse said, and take the "concept to completion in a more efficient manner."