David Paulk
Ohio.com correspondent

A grant supporting the Andrew E. Sombati trash compactor is set to arrive later than usual.

At Monday’s city council meeting, officials passed a resolution simply authorizing the mayor to submit an application to receive money from the Solid Waste Authority. Unlike years past, the city will only receive the money at the end of the year once the Solid Waste Authority is sure Fairlawn is using the money correctly.

According to Deputy Director Ernie Staten, the $4,900 grant is an annual grant the city applies for to help take care of the trash compactor, which also doubles as a recycling center. Staten said the money is used to purchase certain items for the compactor, including but not limited to the blue recycle bags.

The money also helps offset the losses the city faces due to recycling.

“When you recycle, it’s not always a cash-profit deal, “Staten said. “Sometimes you lose money on it.”

Staten said he’s not quite sure why the Solid Waste Authority has changed the rules.  He speculates they want to make sure the city is using the money. In light of the new plan, the city must maintain receipts until the end of the year. Staten said as long as everything totals up to the amount they’ve asked for,Fairlawn will get the grant.