Donna Rovan

Tom Queen, the community relations coordinator for second-term congressman Jim Renacci, attended Tuesday night's Jackson board of trustee meeting.

Queen, a resident of Jackson Township, addressed the board and those in attendance, saying that Renacci and his office were always willing to help the township and the residents in any possible way.

"Congressman Renacci is very aware of Jackson and would help any resident with any government issue," Queen said.

Trustee member John Pizzino asked Queen if there was any way that the Jackson Police Department could apply for grants to help with the purchase of new, more efficient equipment. Queen said that he would definitely look into it.

"Fire, police, roads and railroad crossings are important for the township and if there is a way our office can help with repairing, manpower and money, you just need to let us know," Queen said.

Renacci recently closed his office in Jackson Township and relocated to Wadsworth. The reason for the move was to be in a more central location for the new 16th district which now includes Western Cuyahoga County.

The address is One Park Center Drive, Suite 302, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281. The new phone number is 330-334-0040 and the fax number is 330-334-0061 the office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.