UPublish story courtesy of Dominic A. Rizzo Jr.

Domenico Iannacchione was born Dec. 12, 1931, in the small town of San Pietro Avellana, Italy. At the age of 7, the family moved to Tripoli, Libya, with the hopes of a better life.

However, World War II erupted and all school-age children were required to attend military boarding schools in Italy. Only 8 years old, Iannacchione was sent back to Italy and lived with his aunt and cousin until the age of 15, when he was finally reunited with his family.

Later he met the love of his life, Giovanna “Lina” Mezzasalma, in Tripoli, and they were married on Jan. 26, 1957. Moving to the U.S. later, Iannacchione obtained work at Shullo Construction Co. and Kenmore Construction Co., remaining with Kenmore until he retired in 1985.

He and Lina had four children and ten grandchildren. Iannacchione showered them with love and taught them respect and responsibility, to have a deep faith, and to be proud of their Italian heritage, the way he has always lived his life.

He has been an active member of the Italian Center (formerly the Unione Abruzzese Society) since 1979. He served on many committees and held many positions, including President several times.

Iannacchione loves, believes in, and takes pride in being an Italian. He embodies all that represents the Italian culture.