From the Marcellus Drilling News:

WorkForce West Virginia issued a new report to the WV legislature on Wednesday documenting that employment throughout WV in the oil and gas industry has increased 10% since 2008, and average wages for those workers have gone up 19%. Why? The Marcellus shale, of course.

A few more interesting facts and figures from the report:


Statewide employment in the oil and gas industries has increased nearly 10 percent since 2008 — while average wages have increased nearly 19 percent — driven by the boom in Marcellus Shale drilling, a report released Wednesday to the legislative Joint Committee on Government and Finance shows.

The report, from WorkForce West Virginia, shows that employment in oil and gas drilling and related industries grew 9.5 percent to 10,580.

Average wages have increased even more sharply, going from $61,898 in 2008 to $70,082, according to the report.

“The overall effect on specific industries in West Virginia due to activity within [the] Marcellus Shale gas field is becoming more evident,” the report states.

The impact is concentrated in north-central West Virginia, which accounts for 40 percent of the 10,580 jobs.

“The region has increased its total employment by more than 1,000 over the four-year analysis, representing an increase of approximately 31 percent,” the report finds.

It noted that employment in sectors supporting oil and gas operations in that region has increased even more sharply, with 1,106 new jobs.*