We had a special visitor Saturday: Blue Line Beginner super fan Wilbur! I think I might even have run a little faster around that loop hoping to pass him a second time (which I did!) Here's today's guest blog from Wilbur's mom, Akron Beacon Journal photographer and fellow Blue Line Beginner Karen Schiely:

"I love the signs people make supporting their friends, loved ones and/or complete strangers in running the Akron Marathon. The funnier the better, with a grain of snark mixed in. I spotted these classics at past marathons: “Worst Parade Ever” and “You Are NOT Almost There.” I don’t know about you all, but I will definitely need a chuckle as I’m enduring my aches and pains on race day.

We’ve been missing that spectator participation on our Saturday runs so I thought I’d enlist my basset hound Wilbur to be our cheering section last Saturday at Copley Community Park. Adorned in his blue-lined t-shirt with matching wrist bands, he wagged his tail encouragingly as you all made your way past him in that wicked heat.

So “Go Blue Line Beginners!” Have fun on Saturday and as Wilbur says, “Run Like Cats!”

And here are some spectator pictures from past marathons taken by myself and fellow Akron Beacon Journal photographers Michael Chritton, Ed Suba Jr., and Mike Cardew.

See you Saturday!

- Karen