Thanks to all who submitted selfies for our Mugshot Monday series. I used the last of them last week, but there are still so many inspirational stories within our ranks. As long as I keep finding them, Iím going to keep sharing them. Today, meet our fellow Blue Line Beginner Connie Pacanovsky:

ďAs I finished my first ever walk/jog in the rain a few Saturdays ago, I paused to reflect on lifeís journey. You see, during that same May weekend in 1989, I was a healthy 25-year-old and a member of the very first Cavs Dance Team. Thatís the season that ended with The Shot.Ē As a member of the Dance Team, I was seated right beside the basket where Michael Jordan, ďHis Airness,Ē sunk that shot, and I still canít watch it on YouTube without cringing.

Later, in the year 2000, I was diagnosed with M.S., so my physical self has changed dramatically. Off and on through the years, Iíve wanted to become a jogger and have tried it a few times but was never able to stick with it.† The Blue Line Beginners gave me the opportunity to try it again.

While my physical progress has been slower than most (if not all) of the BLB, I am signed up to jog the 1 mile race in June and I will complete it. This will likely be the only race I finish this year. But it is farther than Iíve ever gone and, hopefully, not as far as I will get next year.

So the journey continues."

- Connie