Tonight includes new episodes of "Rizzoli & Isles" and "Leverage" on TNT. Both are more than adequate shows, with appealing characters, although I prefer "Leverage" because it has a more devil-may-care attitude; "Leverage" seems willing to try anything in terms of narrative and character to nudge itself along, while maintaining an undercurrent of melancholy (since Nate, played by Timothy Hutton, has never exorcised his demons).  And I just plain enjoy seeing what Hardison, Parker and Elliott are up to. Tonight's episode has the group taking on the executive at a Walmart-like company, but next week's is more of a mind-bender, an explicit homage to "Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass."

Readers here over the weekend will have seen my brief notes about Larry Hagman, the "Dallas"/"I Dream of Jeannie" star who died Friday. Since I was working a Saturday shift, I was asked if I wanted to write something for the Beacon Journal print editions. I obliged, with a longer discussion than the one in my blog post. You can read that here. Also, TNT has posted a brief Hagman tribute video, which you can see here.

That Saturday shift also included covering the downtown Akron Welcome Santa parade; you can find that story here.

The bride and I were at the University of Akron men's soccer game on Sunday night, and we fully expected Akron to win, move on to a matchup against better-seeded Connecticut and maybe see the Zips bring home another national championship. That, of course, would be a great sports-movie finish: a team disdained by the college-soccer establishment (the NCAA gave UA a fifth seed even as it was ranked one or two in national polls) decides to run the table to victory. (Yes, I am hearing echoes of "Major League" as I write this.) Instead, after a decent first half, Akron matched questionable officiating with some dubious play, letting Creighton back into the game, then losing on penalty kicks. This is why movie fantasy is better than real life.

We have also spent some busy days getting ready for the next round of holiday fun. The tree is up, decorating is in progress, and the bride has dozens of cookies completed and in the freezer. My major tasks have been putting out Christmas lights (and trying to figure out the timer) and setting up our new TV. Which looks so good, it's making me want to go back and watch everything I have ever seen again.