The Reverend

It occurs to me that if one was to compare Mitt Romney to anyone it would be to the Monopoly Man from the Monopoly game. Monopoly Man Mitt. "Top coat, top hat, don't have to worry cause my wallet's fat...."

Romney's net worth is a quarter of a billion dollars....and often, that net worth colors Mitt's statements and comments. "I'll bet you $10,000", "Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs", etc. Personally, I don't care how much money the Romneys have. Contrary to conservative lore, true liberals are not envious of what the filthy-rich own.

Where the problem comes in is when Romney's tax policies are evaluated. 10 years of historically low tax rates on America's wealthiest families....and the nation is experiencing the worst economic recession in over 70 years. To correct the recession, a President Romney would lower those tax rates on America's wealthiest by another third.....from 35.9% on top income earners down to 25%. Sure, the connivers and propagandists are telling us that they would "broaden the tax base" by eliminating "tax expenditures" make up for the lost revenues in cutting tax rates even further.....but does anyone believe that? I know I don't.

The Republican Party has the wealthiest presidential nominee in my lifetime and his primary economic policy is to cut tax rates for people like himself.....and not by an insignificant amount either.

When Republicans go on and on about "fixing the economy", "getting the economy moving again"....that is what they are getting at. Cutting taxes on the already wealthy. Conservatives have nothing else. If Martians invaded and took over the major cities of the United States....the GOP response would be to cut taxes on the top 1%. It's totally irresponsible....and sad,....but it's true.

Which brings me to Mitt's recent visit to Otterbein University in Ohio. Romney, like all conservatives, purposely confuses Obama's Buffett Rule policy to increase taxes on millionaires and billionaires who pay a lower tax rate than their employees. Conservatives and Republicans have been labeling the Buffett "attack on success", "class warfare division".....while Obama claims it is an issue of "fairness."

While speaking to students at Otterbein.....Romney said some stuff along those lines....and then some other stuff that calls for a response.

This kind of devisiveness, this attack of success, is very different than what we’ve seen in our country’s history. We’ve always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.

Floating political policies which increase taxes, slightly, on the wealthiest of the wealthy, is not divisive nor "different" than anything St. Ronald Reagan or G.H.W. Bush did when they sat in the Oval Office. Both Republican presidents raised taxes. So, no....nothing is "different" in asking millionaires and billionaires to pay a higher tax rate than their employees do.

But notice how Mitt Romney encourages college students who face dismal employment prospects upon graduation. "...take a risk..."...."borrow money from your parents, start a business."

Here is where the Monopoly Man steps in. The latest numbers I could find on new business start-ups concluded that 1/3 of all new businesses started fail after the first two years. Furthermore, after 4 years, almost 6 out of 10 start-ups....are belly-up.

But hey, Monopoly Man says..."take a risk".....and it is a risk. Go for it, even though your chances of success are, at best, 40%. Furthermore, consider what Monopoly is advising. The very reason our recession drags on...and because there is insignificant demand. Mitt's advice in the midst of a historic low-demand recession? Start a business.

Unless you come up with some wizz-bang new contraption everyone needs....not likely....there's not enough demand out there right now to sustain EXISTING businesses, let alone brand new ones. But hey...."take a risk", roll those dice across the Monopoly board. Who knows?

Finally, the "borrow from your parents" disconnect. Monopoly Men, so used to living at Park Place, cannot relate to to those who live on Baltic Ave. Mitt's "borrow from your parents" line reveals that Romney has little-to-no idea how the vast majority of Americans live, move and have their being. Only a small percentage of Americans have the wherewithal to loan their college graduating children enough money to start their own business. In fact, that's the problem Romney can't seem to understand. Tens of millions of average American families don't have enough money to drive economic demand....let alone enough money to loan business start-up money to their college graduating children.

Monopoly Man Mitt is the weakest candidate the GOP has put up in the last 30 years. Not because he's the richest....but because, despite what he says daily, he has no idea how the economy works or what to do about improving the nation's economic condition.