1. A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to seven years of probation in Waynesburg, Pa.

Robert Allan Shipman had pleaded guilty to illegally dumping millions of gallons of wastewater from shale-gas drilling over several years.

The Greene County judge, Farley Toothman, called Shipman's actions "dastardly" but cited mitigating factors in imposing the sentence.

The case was closely watched by both sides on the drilling issue.

2. Energywire reports that hydraulic fracturing and other drilling-service companies are taking a big financial hit with the low prices for natural gas..

What is resulting are layoffs and idled equipment in places like north Texas and northeast Pennsylvania, officials said.

Drillers are shifting away fron natural gas-only areas for areas like eastern Ohio where they can get ethaqne, butane and propane.

3. State and federal safety agencies asked Oklahoma oil and gas exploration and production companies to stand down and stop operations for a meeting on safety issues because of recent deaths and injuries.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports nine work-related deaths since Oct. 1 plus three people who were injured in a drilling rig fire.