Meet five more of our Blue Line Beginners...

Sonya Naidu: "My grandma teaches at UA, and I am a high school student. We both hope to increase our physical activity and meet fellow members!"

Kersh Naidu: "I was in the walker's group this morning and I was pleasantly surprised about how quickly the time and the walk went by because of the collective warm, positive energy and no one focusing on the distance because we were all so busy celebrating the company. In the late 90's and early 2000's I was a psychologist at Seiberling Elementary in Akron and this morning when I looked to my left, on the trail next to me was Karen Hazelett, whom I hadn't seen in over 10 years! Karen was a 5th grade teacher when I was at Seiberling. After we caught up, she linked arms with me and ushered me up the hill to meet Diane Fuller who was also a teacher during my time in the Akron Schools all those years ago. It was a happy reunion with the 3 of us reminiscing about the past and the great memories we shared together!"

"I had a gastric bypass 4.5 years ago and lost nearly 90 pounds; I've put about 20 back on and work hard to maintain my weight loss. Last year, I had hoped to train and perhaps run a leg in the marathon with my firm's relay team.  That all changed when I tore my Achilles on April 15th last year, and lost several months to rehab.  Even now, I still get aches in that ankle but am able to control a lot of it through compression sleeves.  I do a lot of walking / running but all on a treadmill.  I've never done an organized race before, nor had I ever run outside prior to joining Blue Line Beginners. I'm glad for an opportunity to be able to get with other beginning runners so that I've got someone else I can try to do this with. "