Meet four more of our Blue Line Beginners!

Char Flohr: "My name is Char Flohr and I've been married to my husband, Pete, for 34 years. We have 5 great children. Together, we've alway been active with hiking, biking, swimming, sports or just backyard games! I have been a certified fitness instructor for almost 20 years now. I was invited by Loretta to join in with the running/walk group, and I decided that it sounded like a fun and challenging way to expand my running abilities. Seeing how many people joined the group is very inspiring!"


Loretta Schleis: "My name is Loretta and I'm 47, and I saw this Blue Line Beginners and I was nervous and excited at the same time. So I started out thinking I would do a mile run, and then thought I'd do a walk/run, but now I'm running 2 miles or more, which is so exciting because I never thought that I would be able to run at all!"

Karen Jackson: "I used to jog in my 20s and 30s and have just started up again, so I feel like  a beginner!"

Kim Hone McMahan: "Years ago, my daughter, Brooke, died suddenly during a seizure.  I ate to comfort myself. Now, a year after retiring from the Akron Beacon Journal where I worked as a columnist and reporter, I'm back on track. The problem is - I never liked to run and am not all that crazy about walking long distances. I always thought it was jarring and boring. I'm hoping that some of my new peeps, fellow members of the Blue Line Beginners, will show me the fun in it. Here's to new beginnings!"