Last week while we were doing our group run in the rain, one of our Blue Line Beginners was completing her first race ever! And she was in for quite a special surprise. Here's Deanna Albertson's report:

"Well, I did it; I ran my first 5K race last weekend. I decided to sign up for it just to see if I could complete it without having to stop and walk. Itís been a month since Iíve started training and I needed something to keep me motivated since June 24th is still a long way away. I donít know about the rest of you, but I have had a few days of battling with myself to stay on my training schedule, especially between weeks 2 and 3. If only you couldíve heard the arguments I had in my head, it was a real battle between good and evil.

Of course, Saturday was another cold and rainy day, but I was determined to complete the 5K. I had been talking to my son, who is a Marine, and told him about my training and how I was going to run in the marathon series. He kept saying how he would love to run with me. Well, he surprised me by coming home and running the IHM 5K with me. I was not expecting him at all since he is stationed in Hawaii.† He was there to encourage me and help me complete the last half mile or so. I told him to run his race which he did and then he found me on the course and ran the rest with me.

I set a goal to complete it in 36 minutes, and I did better than that.† I found myself struggling between the 1-1.5 mile mark, but I knew that I had to push through it.† After that, it was not that hard to keep going. Plus, there are many people cheering you on.

I encourage all of you to sign up for a 5K race just to prove to yourself you can do it as well.† It gives you such an amazing feeling of accomplishment, plus most 5Ks support wonderful causes.† I hope to see future posts of all of you completing your first 5K and sharing in your accomplishments.† Keep up all the hard work, but also keep the enthusiasm and joy of doing it.† We got this folks!"

- Deanna


Housekeeping: For those following along at home, we had a strong finish at our group run yesterday. Everything from prom to graduation to vacations are keeping folks busy, but we still had 50 turn out for a mild and sunny morning. Some of the runners are doing 5 miles, and I talked to at least one walker who had put in 5 miles. Most of the walker and run/walkers put in 3.5 miles (yes, that's a half mile beyond our training plan) and a couple of walkers did 2 miles. Even if 2 miles is still too far for you, please don't hesitate to come out and join us. Whatever your personal goal, we can support and motivate you!

- Paula