Today is our last group outing at Stow's Silver Springs Park. We made some memories and hit some milestones, including our first group run through the rain and our first 3 mile run/walk on the 8k Training Plan.

Next week, this Blue Line Beginners tour is moving south to our next stop: the City of Green and it's Boettler and Southgate parks.

Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer sent us some words of encouragement: "Welcome to the City of Green.  I hope all of you enjoy Southgate and Boettler Parks for your upcoming training.  We hope you enjoy our Green parks as much as we do and we wish the best of luck to all those starting out on their journey to complete the blue line in September."

The two parks join at a trailhead that allows us to choose from several paths that have surfaces ranging from paved to dirt to gravel to grass. There are heavily wooded areas, sections exposed to the sunshine, and some elevation changes, which is something the 8k hopefuls really need to experience before June 24. Meanwhile, the 1-mile walkers can opt for a nice flat path, or push themselves a little (as most of them have been doing anyway!)

Boettler Park's entrance is at 5300 Massillon Road. The entrance sign looks like this:

After entering the park, veer toward the left until you find the "PARK"ing area I marked in the yellow oval on this map:



We will be at Green for the next three weeks: May 20, May 27, June 3. To learn more about the park and it's many amenities, visit It's a really nice place, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have already been working out there!

- Paula