I hope the race day info on the blog this week has helped make you feel more confident about tomorrow's race. There are just a few outstanding questions I wanted to answer.

How do I find myself on the Akron Marathon app?
Once you've downloaded the app and opened it, you'll see "Live Tracking" on the home page. Click on that, then on "Find a participant" and type in a name. It will search by last names, first names, even partial names.

You will see the bib number and the distance the participant is signed up for. If your loved ones get the app, they can track you. Their app will notify them when you begin and when you finish. Those are the only two tracking points this weekend. However in August and September, there will be midway tracking devices so they will also know when you reach certain points on the course.

Another BIB LOOKUP option: Click on this link: http://www.mtecresults.com/race/show/5210 . That link also offers gender, age and city.

You need to know your bib number so you know what line to be in to pick up your race packet today. If you don't know it when you arrive at the stadium to pick up your packet, there will be a board listing all participants and bib numbers.

Akron Marathon staffer Carrie Washnock said she will also be at the "late registration" table if anyone wants a quick app tutorial today.

How many people are racing?

I don't know the final registration figure, but the race accepts up to 300 for the 1 mile distance, and up to 2700 for the 8k. So there could be a total of 3,000 on the course.

So far I've counted 96 Blue Line Beginners registered for Saturday's race.

How does the SAG wagon work?

The SAG wagon (SAG stands for "support and gear") is a small bus or a van that brings up the rear of the race. It's a resource for anyone who needs attention. For instance, if you roll your ankle and can't continue, it will give you a lift.

This weekend, it will travel the 8k route at a pace of 18:06 min/mile. When it passes, that means the road behind it will be re-opened to traffic. If you are not keeping up with an 18:06/min mile, the wagon personnel will ask if you need assistance, but if you're feeling fine, just wave them off and continue. You'll need to move to the sidewalk because the road behind you will be opening, but you can still finish the race.

Technically, the race does not guarantee to remain open for those behind that pace, but in practice, the finish line staff has always waited for most latecomers, so keep pushing on!

I've looked at the forecast and still not sure what to wear.

Rule #1: Don't wear anything you haven't trained in. This is not the day you want to experiment with a new shirt, or new socks or new shoes. Stick with what you know and try the new stuff out later.

Anne Bitong also shared this helpful link: http://www.runnersworld.com/what-to-wear

And remember: "Cotton is rotten." Stay away from the cotton tees.

Where are we meeting next Saturday for our group run?

We will be in Barberton, picking up the Towpath Trail and heading south. Details will be posted on the blog early next week!

If you have any other questions, there will be an information booth in InfoCision Stadium today for packet pickup and tomorrow before, during and after the race.

See you all soon!

- Paula