Heather Beyer
Ohio.com correspondent

STOW: Stow City Council appointed resident Rosalie Schur to the Commission on Disabilities. 

Schur will be filling the position of Michelle Hasenstaub who recently resigned from her position with the commission. 

Council Vice President John Pribonic thanked Shur for joining this commission. "With your expertise and knowledge you will be a great asset," Pribonic said. 

Thirty-seven years ago Schur experienced a life changing moment when her 16-year-old son was injured in a dirt bike accident.

"My whole life changed in 45 minutes," Shur said.

Schur's son was severely injured in the accident and is now disabled. 

Schur was working towards a degree in business from The University of Akron at the time of her son's accident, but was inspired to become a social worker after his accident. 

Schur said that she ran into so many people who were not willing to assist or really understand people with disabilities. She said that experience made her become proactive  and led her to become a social worker. 

Schur said she was very happy to be appointed to the commission.

"This position means a great deal to me because I can represent so many that can not represent themselves," Schur said. 

Schur said one of the goals of the commission is to create awareness within the community about people living with disabilities. 

The Commission on Disabilities is hoping to inform the community about the upcoming beauty competition, Ms. Wheelchair USA. 

The 2013 Nationals Competition for Ms. Wheelchair USA will be held from July 16-20 in Northeast Ohio.

Last summer, 14 women from across the country were welcomed into the City of Stow by Mayor Sara Drew and stayed at Staybridge Suites, while competing for the crown at Cuyahoga Falls High School for the ninth annual National Ms. Wheelchair USA contest.

Once again this year, women from across the country will compete for the crown in the tenth annual Ms. Wheelchair USA at Cuyahoga Falls High School. 

Ms. Wheelchair USA encourages contestants to be proud of their beauty and be confident in showing the world their personal and glamorous style -- in their own way.

Contestants are not judged by the typical beauty pageant standards. Instead, they are encouraged to be proud of who they are, be proud that they are women and be confident in showing the world their personal style.

"This year we hope to fill the whole auditorium," Schur said.