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Stow Planning Commission began Tuesday night’s meeting by addressing Thorndale Avenue residents on the Marhofer proposal.

“We will not be discussing the Marhofer issue today,” Chairman David Kohlmeier said. “If any of you are here tonight to discuss that it won’t be discussed tonight because it is not on the agenda.”

Ron Marhofer is proposing to “upgrade his facility.” His goal is to build a new building that will give us a more professional appearance.

“I'd like to think it's going to make our facility more attractive and a redevelopment that the city could be proud of,” Ron Marhofer said.

One of the key components of the redevelopment project Marhofer is proposing is to eliminate Yukon Road and improve the intersection at Thorndale Avenue so it would be a normal 90 degree intersection at Thorndale avenue and Darrow Road.

“It will be a safer intersection,” Stow planning director Rob Kurtz said. “I don’t have any evidence how it could cause more traffic.”

Kurtz said he thought the redevelopment proposal would have a positive impact on Darrow and Kent Road.

The redevelopment project would also involve demolishing existing buildings. It was reported at the May 22 planning commission meeting that Marhofer has closed on the purchase of a property located on 1955 Thorndale Avenue and is currently under option on 1941 and 1947 Thorndale Avenue.

Kohlmeier encourage the residents to stay for the meeting but reiterated that the Marhofer issue would not be discussed.

Two Thorndale Ave residents Chris Meneer and Mark Ryland were in attendance at the meeting.

The item is expected to be addressed at the July 10 meeting.