Housekeeping: On Saturday, 10k/Relay Team runners and walkers will be doing 2 miles. The 10k/HalfMarathon runners and walkers will be doing 4 miles. Nobody will be doing 6 miles! I needed to clear that up because a reference I made to a 6-mile marker in a recent blog post had at least a couple of folks concerned. So sorry!

Yesterday I addressed the runners and walkers who are thinking about that half marathon in September. Those 13.1-mile hopefuls have to tuck in a little extra mileage every week to be ready for the fall.

But if you’re goal is to run, walk or run/walk the 10k in August and then do the team relay in September - where each leg is roughly 5 miles - your weekly routine is going to be very similar to what you’ve already been doing.

If you’ve done a couple of 2- or 3-mile runs or walks this week, you’re right on schedule. But you might be surprised to learn that your “long run” this Saturday and next Saturday will be just 2 miles! Yup, just as we did the taper leading up to the big race, there is a “recovery” period for a couple of weeks after the event.

Hey, I’m new at this or I would have told you earlier!

If you look down the calendar, you’ll see the mileage goes up and down a bit each week. Our Saturday mileage even jumps from 2 miles to 5 miles in back-to-back weeks! That’s not a mistake. We’ll be getting a guest blog from the Akron Marathon staff soon to explain why this roller coaster routine benefits our bodies.

Anyway, I will have copies of this 8k To 10k Training Plan at Saturday’s group outing, but it’s also posted below for those of you following at home.

FYI, I looked up the course closure info for the Goodyear 10k. The race starts at 6:30 a.m. and course support is withdrawn at 2 hours. That’s equivalent to a 19:10 per mile pace - a little more breathing room if you need it.

- Paula