The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has under review two hotly contested cases related to American Electric Power’s income and rates.


• The issues: AEP is seeking to increase the “capacity charge” paid by competitors that serve customers in AEP’s territory. The charge is paid by the competitors, which can choose whether to pass it along to customers. If AEP gets the charge it is seeking, costs would increase by about 10 percent.

• The timetable: The PUCO has approved several temporary changes to the charge. The panel will likely issue a long-term ruling on Monday.


• The issues: The PUCO approved a rate increase in December, which the panel then threw out a few months later following complaints about rate shocks. AEP has submitted a new plan that would raise rates over the next few years and also shift to a pricing system based on market forces.

• The timetable: Hearings continue in this case. A final ruling will likely be issued in August or September.

SOURCE: Columbus Dispatch