Donna Rovan correspondent

JACKSON TWP.: It was a hot sunny Saturday morning as Lab Nursery owners Bob and Shirley Lab took care of their customers. Bob Lab loaded a car with different kinds of mulch while Shirley Lab received payment.

This routine was nothing new for the couple that has been running the nursery since 1951.

Lab Nursery offers all kinds of flowers, vegetable and fruit plants and several items for the home garden and yard including a wide selection of bird feeders.

"We used to have a nursery on Cleveland Avenue but moved to this location in 1951, " said Bob Lab.

Customers have been coming to the nursery for years and the Labs say that they have regular people who usually can't wait for spring to arrive. Lab Nursery is located at 4831 Hills and Dales Road NW #1. Bob and Shirley can be reached at 330-477-6955.

Here's some information from the Lab's on what it's like to own and operate a successful, long time business in Jackson Township.

Q) Why did you select Jackson Township for the location of your business?

A) We wanted to be in an area that was more country than over in Canton. This was a nice place back in the day and still is.

Q) How have you seen the community change, if at all, since you've been in business?

A) There has been tremendous change since the 50's. Woodlawn Avenue used to only go to 17th Street. There were farms all around us. This township has really built up since then. It was more rural back then.