This loyal customer now owns the store.

Tammy Richards, a longtime customer of Sally’s Shop, a yarn, spinning and weaving store at 141 College St. in downtown Wadsworth, now owns the place. She acquired it from Sally Morrison, who opened the business in 1978.

Richards’ takeover began with her learning the shop would be closed for the winter while Morrison went to Arizona. Richards volunteered to keep the shop open until Morrison returned, and formally took over in January.

“I’m proud to carry the mantle forward,” Richards said. She noted that Morrison will continue to work at the shop part-time.

Richards said she learned to crochet at age 5, and was knitting when she was in fifth grade. She got her first spinning wheel in 1988, and in 1992 got her first loom at Sally’s Shop.

The shop carries spinning wheels and fiber goods, including sheep and alpaca fleece, flax (ready to spin linen), roving (washed and combed fleece), and top (akin to roving, but heavier).

Richards also has a hobby farm in Marlboro Township where she raises sheep and angora goats to harvest fleece for spinning.

Several years ago she helped begin a prayer shawl knitting and crochet ministry at Grace United Methodist Church in Plain Township, where her husband, Don, is the pastor.

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