The fast-growing Medina County business originally called Concept Services has a simpler name and soon will move — again — to a new headquarters.

The rebranded name, Concept, isn’t a radical departure from the original moniker.

And the future, larger headquarters for the business-to-business firm likewise sits near its current locale in Akron Medina Corporate Park off Medina Road (state Route 18) in Granger Township.

Still, both the shorter name and the bigger space are intended to better position Concept and accommodate continued growth, say the two brothers who 16 years ago in Wadsworth started what has now grown into a 130-plus employee firm.

Keep in mind they and others at the firm like saying the word “concept.” A lot.

“We’ve moved six times in the last X years. We’ve been constantly growing,” said Dan Harsh, Concept’s president and chief executive. He co-owns Concept with his brother, Greg, company vice president. And Jeff Harsh, Dan’s son, is vice president of operations.

Business leads

Concept’s core business, to put it very simply, involves employees making cold sales telephone calls all day long to generate business leads on behalf of clients. Closing a sale remains the primary responsibility of the client.

“We were founded back in 2002. And we were founded on a concept. And that’s how we came up with the name Concept Services,” Dan Harsh said. “We believed you had to separate new business development, lead generation, from any other part of your sales process. That was the concept. Over the years, that was the concept that built the company.”

The company has expanded beyond making sales calls. Other services include inside sales — what happens after successful cold calls — for clients, providing the behind-the-scenes live person engaging customers on chat pop-ups on business websites, and offering what is called customer relationship management, or CRM.

As Concept Services expanded its offerings, the management team also worked to streamline processes, Harsh said.

And that lead to streamlining the company name.

They started to look at rebranding Concept Services in September 2016, rejecting numerous other proposed name changes. They realized that “concept” was their building block, Harsh said.

“Why do we want to move from that?” he said. “We don’t want to say anything else but Concept. The concept has sold from the beginning, the concept sells today, the concept has moved us into all kinds of different areas.”

New logo

The new logo incorporates the name Concept — beginning with just a half, or cut-out, C — and an orange dot at the end.

“We do the front part of the sales process. And the front part of the sales process is represented by this missing C, because that’s what we do,” Harsh said. “We do the front piece so you can do the back end. And so, that’s the whole premise. It’s very clean, it’s very streamlined.”

As part of this latest iteration, Concept will merge its three offices, currently in close proximity to each other, under one roof. The move takes place in a couple of months into another part of the corporate park — when they first moved to the park in 2013 the company had 38 employees.

“This corporate headquarters will be 25,000 square feet,” Harsh said. “It will house up to 200 employees.”

Training facility

The headquarters will incorporate a 2,500-square-foot staff training facility that Concept will let outside businesses use as well.

As it has evolved over the years, Concept also has made changes to improve employee recruiting and retention.

“The nice thing about our business, people want it,” Harsh said. “The difficult thing about our business, it’s not an easy business to manage. It’s a tough job. Making calls all day, it’s not easy. Finding that right person and keeping that person is difficult.”

As a result, Concept’s merit increases are three times the national average for their industry, Harsh said.

The new headquarters also will have recreation and lounge areas, along with other touches that reflect a more modern approach to management and help employees with what can be a difficult job.

Regional expertise

When it comes to hiring, employees often are selected for certain geographic markets, Jeff Harsh said.

Someone who makes cold sales calls to businesses in New York City and New Jersey requires a different character and ability to carry on different type of conversation than would be required when calling on businesses, for example, in South Carolina, he said.

Concept also needs for people with Spanish language skills for customers who have business in South America and French language skills for Canadian business calls.

“We found that Canadian French is a very different type of French,” Jeff Harsh said. “There’s a certain dialect there. We actually had to find that kind of dialect to call into that area.”

In the meantime, Concept has launched a redesigned and rebranded website,

And the company’s executives hope everyone stays put for a while.

“We seem to be moving a lot,” Greg Harsh quipped.

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