Goodyear’s Wingfoot Two semi-rigid airship has made it from its birthplace in Ohio to California, its new home state.

Wingfoot Two was due to arrive in greater Los Angeles on Thursday, completing a 2,600-mile, 10-state trip that took three weeks since leaving from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Akron-area blimp base in Suffield Township.

Wingfoot Two will stay a few weeks at Long Beach Airport before going to its permanent home in nearby Carson. It succeeds Goodyear’s last true blimp, the Spirit of Innovation, which first flew in in 2006 and then was decommissioned and dismantled in March. (Goodyear calls its new NT, or New Technology, semi-rigid airships “blimps.”)

Wingfoot Two will provide aerial coverage for the L.A. Clippers game on Nov. 1, BlizzCon on Nov. 3, the Arizona-USC college football game on Nov. 4, and coverage of both the Clippers and L.A. Lakers home games on Nov. 5, Goodyear said in a news release.

Wingfoot One, the first of Goodyear’s NT semi-rigid airships, is based in Florida. Goodyear is building a third NT airship inside the Suffield Township hanger. That airship will fly for the first time next year and will be permanently based locally.