What does it take for Ohio Republicans and Democrats to agree? A failure to pay taxes, evidently. Of late, the parties have stumbled into a consensus. Neither wants to focus on the subject.

For months, Democrats have been pounding Matt Borges, the chairman of state Republican Party, gleefully calling him a “tax cheat,” “deadbeat” and other flattering things. Borges made it easy. He did fail to pay his taxes, and his party put him in charge.

Then, Ed FitzGerald, the all-but-certain Democratic nominee for governor, tapped state Sen. Eric Kearney for lieutenant governor. It turns out that Kearney hasn’t paid his taxes, either.

Democrats have tried to draw a distinction, arguing the Kearney problem stems from tangled business dealings. That stance began to erode when additional questions surfaced, a party spokesman telling the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “We’ve requested documentation and are trying to track it down.” That’s not what you want to be saying after insisting you knew all about the tax matter before selecting Kearney.

Neither are the reluctant Borges and the party the lone voices on the Republican side. Any bets on how soon an independent group will lay into the FitzGerald-Kearney ticket? There are those still eager to talk about the other guy failing to pay taxes.