When I moved into the Coventry school district 17 years ago, I did not realize that I moved into a war zone. For whatever reason, there are some residents in this community who think the school system is their enemy and must be fought at all costs.

A number of school levies have failed to pass over the years, and now the fight is over a new school.

The state of Ohio is offering $11 million toward the construction of a new high school. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

The Erwine Intermediate School building, which is almost 90 years old, would be razed.

It is literally crumbling around the students and staff. If other school districts, such as Akron, Barberton and Springfield, can build new schools, why not the Coventry district?

I recently attended a community meeting about the May 7 levy issue. After the superintendent and treasurer made their presentations, the floor was opened for comments.

The first speaker was a man who was very upset with the taxes in Coventry and the superintendent’s pay. He was so angry that he walked toward the superintendent while loudly voicing his opposition.

Some members of the audience stepped forward, and no physical confrontation occurred. The man left the meeting.

If he would have stayed, he would have witnessed testimony from parents, grandparents and students supporting the levy.

He would have witnessed students who broke down in tears telling the audience about why the levy should be supported.

It is bewildering to me that a school district that is rated academically excellent with distinction by the state is looked at as the enemy.

A March 27 letter (“Oppose the Coventry school tax increase”) from an opponent of the levy ended by quoting a song by Lorrie Morgan, What Part of No (Don’t You Understand).”

I would like to end my letter with a couple of songs from the Beatles. Will the opponents and proponents of the levy show the Coventry community that We Can Work It Out, and for the sake of the children Come Together to unite the community for a better Coventry?

My plea is for students to vote for the levy on May 7. Your vote matters. Please exercise your right.

Frank J. Archual


Waste of time ?and money

Shame on attorney Eddie Sipplen and shame on Sandra Williams for wasting time and money on a frivolous lawsuit. I can’t believe they are suing Police Chief James Nice and other members of the police department for $75,000 in compensatory damages and at least $1 million in punitive damages.

Are they serious? That seems more like an extortion attempt to me.

I find it amusing that Sipplen said that the officer “must be held accountable” for his actions. Why isn’t Tamika Williams being held accountable for her actions?

Her destructive behavior and history of violence against students, teachers and property resulted in her attending three different school districts just this year.

Better yet, why isn’t Sandra Williams being held accountable for the lack of proper parenting and the failure to teach her 13-year-old daughter to respect people, property and rules.

I truly hope this lawsuit gets thrown out, but unfortunately I don’t think it will deter anyone else from filing a frivolous lawsuit when there are attorneys out there like Sipplen and mothers like Sandra Williams.

Christy Breiding


Protect pets ?with Nitro’s law

In 2008, the tragedy at the High Caliber K-9 Training Center should have been enough to raise the ire of Ohio citizens and legislators.

Seven dogs were murdered by starvation, thirst and exposure as the owner/trainer failed to care for animals placed in his custody by trusting families.

In 2009, Steven Croley was sentenced to four months in jail on misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. A push began to pass a law that would give Ohio prosecutors the option of a felony charge in these types of cases, preventing other families from suffering this awful loss.

Is Nitro’s law on the books? No. Why not? Because the Ohio Senate let it die last year by letting it sit on the Senate president’s desk until the session ended on Dec. 31.

Please, Ohio voters, don’t let this bill die again this year. It has been introduced for the fifth time; for five years, the legislature has had the opportunity to do the right thing for animals and their families, but each year it has failed to do its job.

Because of this, Ohio has some of the worst animal protection laws on the books.

Several organizations and groups are working to pass comprehensive animal-abuse laws, but they need your help.

Get involved. Be a voice for the voiceless and the voteless.

I’m an animal lover, a rescuer, a K-9 foster home and a registered voter. I’m tired of animals suffering needlessly.

Robert McGee


Foundation of ?love and respect

In response to the March 29 letter “Foundation of marriage,” I agree that marriage is a foundation of society. The burning question is: “What is marriage?”

I take great exception to the statement that children growing up in a home with same sex-parents “can only cause them confusion and emotional harm.”

What causes harm to children is growing up in a home where love, respect and trust are lacking.

When children grow up in a loving environment where they are nurtured and valued, they have a much better chance of becoming healthy, caring adults.

Love has no gender. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, but he was clear about condemnation and judgment. He also gave great instruction on love, faithfulness, forgiveness, compassion, generosity and kindness.

These graces also have no gender and should be celebrated whenever human beings reach beyond themselves to others. How well we love should be the burning question of the day.

Linda Marcin