It is interesting that Jefferson Action is involved in the 16th U.S. House District. However, it is more than jobs and unemployment that divide Betty Sutton and Jim Renacci — there are social issues that affect all Ohioans, not just those in the 16th District. When the public knows more about the Ryan budget, the divide will become deeper.

Jim Renacci was elected to Congress because he promised jobs. Where was he when it was time to pass the Jobs Act, which would have put thousands to work and helped our lousy infrastructure?

He was every bit the obstructionist, as were other Republicans. Does he think we’ve forgotten that? As a millionaire, he represents the 1 percent while Sutton represents the 99 percent. And it was she who came up with “cash for clunkers,” not Renacci.

In all this brouhaha about jobs, it was Obama who kept 800,000 folks working at the auto plants and suppliers, which the Republicans would have let go bankrupt.

Mitt Romney tries to take partial credit for this; we can see right through him. When the public finds out how much we must pay in taxes to allow Romney and his ilk to skate on theirs, it will go over like a lead balloon.

In all this, men have forgotten the women’s vote. Who supports Romney? The elite, which doesn’t want to pay more taxes, and a bunch of old, undereducated white men who probably won’t get off the couch to vote. Women vote more and are more interested in social issues.

Frances Robey


Foul-weather friend ?of government

Republicans espouse the cause of smaller government and reduced federal spending. Yet as Hurricane Isaac neared Louisiana, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal demanded that the Obama administration increase the number of parishes covered by its disaster declaration and increase the funding available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Apparently, smaller government and reduced spending are virtues only when they apply to someone else’s problems.

I don’t expect Jindal or any other member of the GOP to have a sudden epiphany and realize that government has a positive role to play.

Despite their protests to the contrary, they’ve known it all along. Otherwise, why would any of them even be in government?

I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the massive display of hypocrisy.

Michael Grove

Copley Township

Will of the people

I am already tired of the commercials in this election. Why doesn’t a candidate say he or she wants an office to do the will of the people?

It is time to elect people at all levels, from school board to the presidency, who will follow the will of the people, not party doctrine.

People should look around. If they do not like what they see, they should change it.

Vote for people who will represent you and do what you want done, not someone who says he or she knows what is best for you.

Gerald C. Wise Sr.


Misplaced protest

Let me get this straight: Mexicans protested in downtown Akron because immigration officials enforced our laws. Ay, caramba!

What’s next? People on welfare actually having to work? Stop the madness.

William J. Piurkowsky



The name of a letter writer cited in the Aug. 29 letter headlined “Congress listened to the people” was misspelled. The correct spelling is Betty Beaudry.