If there exists some screening process capable of assuring with 100 percent certainty that none of the armed volunteers to be put in schools will at some future time become mass killers of our children and that their guns would be kept securely out of unintended hands, then it is imperative that such a screening and security process be implemented without loopholes for every person who wants to purchase a gun.

This would assure with 100 percent certainty that our children will not be killed with guns on their way home from school, their siblings wonít be killed with guns in the mall or the theater, their families wonít be killed with guns in their places of worship or the fast food restaurant, and their parents wonít be killed with guns at their places of work.

It is impossible to identify who will eventually use the gun they legally purchase to kill another innocent human being. We do know with 100 percent certainty that too many of them will do it.

It is also impossible to guarantee that all legally purchased guns will be kept securely out of the hands of those who would do even unintentional harm. We do know with 100 percent certainty that too many legitimate gun owners fail to secure their weapons away from children who play with them and others who steal them.

Fighting fire with fire is a long shot not worth taking. It is true that guns donít kill people. People kill people. It follows that guns donít protect people. People protect people. Guns and bullets cannot take responsibility for this problem, and they canít be held responsible for the solution. They are not people. This is our charge as members of a society governed by laws created by leaders elected by We the People, not the NRA or the manufacturers of weapons.

Associations and manufacturers will never be shot. They are not people. I wonder what the impact would be if everyone who decided to bring a gun home knew that with that lethal weapon came the responsibility for everything that came out of it from that day forward, whether or not they were holding the weapon at the time.

Thomas Quade

Chairman, Executive board,

American Public Health Association

Past president, Ohio Public Health Association


Forgotten rod

I agree with most of the Dec. 25 letter headlined ďRoots of violence and moral decay.Ē However, when the writer mentioned why parents do not discipline their children, she failed to mention that various government entities do not believe that sparing the rod will spoil the child. Rather, they believe children should be rewarded (bribed) for good behavior, and discipline should be prosecuted as physical and/or emotional abuse.

As for more gun control being an answer, of course it isnít. There are too many loopholes in the gun laws we have to waste our time on any more. With one qualification. I always try to understand, and almost always can, the other side to any controversy, and while I am almost always on the liberal side (especially on constitutional issues), I cannot understand how anybody can claim with a straight face that our forefathers meant for civilians to have assault rifles.

All automatic weapons, large magazines, explosives and other weapons of war/mass killing should be outlawed, with severe mandatory penalties except for military and limited law enforcement use.

The Rev. William Cain