Sam Wheeler made a mistake. Maybe it was the immaturity of a college student. Others have said many things they wish they could take back.

I have many regrets and have tried to make them right when possible. Wheeler used a gay slur on social media (“Wrestler suspended for anti-gay tweets,” Feb. 11). He has been suspended indefinitely from the Kent State wrestling team.

Professor Julio Pino from KSU yelled, “death to Israel” on campus in 2011 and was never punished. The silence of local and national media was deafening.

He wanted to see an entire nation die. Wheeler called someone a name. You decide.

The problem is that Wheeler is not high enough on the media’s political correctness scale. Professor Pino is a Muslim, Hispanic and a member of academia.

All of these are high points for political correctness. Add to that the fact that, sadly, Jewish people are not high on the scale, and gays are, and we have an answer.

Wheeler should get another chance. As one of my sons always says, “Give people the benefit of the doubt.” He should be allowed to apologize on social media and be restored to his place on the team.

Steve Bauer


Too little ?for the cause

I recently received a telemarketing call from a group requesting money for a breast cancer charity.

I asked how much of my donation would go to the charity itself and was told it would receive 5 percent. That means that for this charity to receive $100 from my donation, I would have to donate $2,000.

I have worked in medical facilities for 20 years and have sat with many patients as they courageously struggled to overcome the devastating impact of breast and other cancers.

This call center is enriching itself at the expense of good-hearted donors and those suffering patients.

I don’t know if there is a law against this type of solicitation, but it certainly violates the law of human decency.

I suggest two solutions. First, only give donations to a reputable charity that you know does good work. Second, if everyone would refuse to make any financial donation in response to an unsolicited phone call, this type of activity would cease entirely.

Rob Miner


Poor judgment

Dr. Tim Stover, the president and chief executive of Akron General, used very poor judgment by inviting Laura Ingraham of Fox News to speak at the 100-year celebration of Akron General Medical Center.

This was to be a celebration, not a political rally. Dr. Stover gave her a platform to spew her hate of Democrats and the Affordable Care Act, which she called a fraud.

Is her health care for the poor no health care at all?

Joan Bonner


Left to boil

They say we currently have the worst-ever Congress in Washington, but this reflects its anemic battle to keep a worst-ever president’s trickery and power-grabbing from twisting out country into something the Founding Fathers would abhor.

It terrifies me how Americans in general go on allowing this to slide by, like the proverbial frog in a pot-of water, who doesn’t jump out but slowly boils to death if the water starts out cool and heat is applied gradually. Heaven help us.

Don F. McClish